Alan and I know this road is going to be long, require lots of patience and coffee!!  Looking through all the photos of beautiful faces makes the wait worth it.  Everyone told us that you will know when the child is yours.  Well that is exactly what happened.  When we opened "Mia's" file and I just knew! (We will share more about her soon.)

  Now we are full on paper pregnancy! After reviewing a file, the best next step is to get her reviewed by a medical doctor.  "Mia" has a medical diagnosis of hydrocephalus. I was recommended to a doctor that is well known in the adoptive community.  Unfortunately, she has the reputation of a worst case scenario doc.  Many have stayed clear of her because of her blunt nature but I was not deterred.  Alan and I wanted to know what we were up against and if accepting her would be the best situation for our family.   We spoke with Dr. Jenista on Dec 10 and she gave us a green light!  Woohoo!

Here is a great website that explains the timeline process!  Lord willing, we will be traveling to China late summer to get our beautiful daughter! Total process time is 10-12 months. Patience has never been a gift of mine but I will learn!!

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