We are the Perkinson family of Illinois,   Lovers and disciples of Jesus, high school sweethearts and parents of 4 wonderful children: Caleb (20), Benjamin (18), Hannah (15) and Sarah (14).

Alan and I are so blessed to be on this journey.  We can't wait to see what God has in store for our family!  2014 has been full of stretching and 2015 is on that path!

In 2013, Alan experienced a job layoff and that started to be a spiral of God's biggest blessings!  Alan decided to put action into a dream of starting a Landscape design business with his cousin, Ryan.  One catch.... it was 135 miles from home in Champaign!  God had been pricking Kerry's heart to move to Champaign for several years and He provided in a big way for that to happen!

Kerry is a stay at home mom, taxi driver, bookkeeper, chef, dog walker, Thirty One Senior Director, ......  And I would not have it any other way!!

Caleb is a Junior at the University of Illinois studying Electrical Engineering. 
Ben is a HS Junior and loves all things construction!
Hannah is a HS Sophomore and is our volleyball player.
Sarah is an 8th grader and in-house comedian

Thank you for following us on this journey!  We treasure your prayers and support!

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